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The advertisements you see,
The things you use,
The clothes you wear,

The world is filled with design.

When you want to

start a company and get success,
When you want to

appeal your work as an artist,
When you want to

show your uniqueness in your community,

Good design can definitely help you.

If you need, I can create any trendy
but useful design including

logos, business cards, booklets etc.

I can create designs expressing

your purpose, ambition, individuality, thoughts
and many things― whatever you want.

Please look at my portfolio on my Works page,
and if you have an interest in my designs or ideas,
please contact me and let's talk about it.

Welcome to the homepage of visual designer Naoya Esa.

Naoya Esa

He was born in Osaka, Japan on April 28th in 1993.
He began as a visual designer in 2017.

Now he is a visual designer while
studying in the medical field at Tottori University.

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